Eve Mungai’s  boyfriend, Director Trevor has caused a stir online after revealing his willingness to pay 10 million as dowry  for his long term girlfriend adding that if he should not have paid it in two years, it will have increased to 15million.

Speaking to Ankaliray ;Wambea 254, the famous director stated that he was confident he was going to marry Mungai.

He revealed that they had already done the introduction to the parents and that once the dowry was paid there would be nothing that would be holding them back from officially getting married.

The Instagram celebrity  further dismissed claims of Mungai being pregnant as netizens had  previously speculated.

He explained that  his girlfriend suffers from a condition that causes her tummy to swell a bit because of gas reaction.

He boldly stated that while he is willing to marry her, they have to plan themselves first before they start a family.

“Unajua lazima ujipange pia” he noted.

He also said that Eve is a loyal girlfriend and she has never cheated on him.

“Walikuwa watu wa Tiktok wanatafuta umbea tu,”  he responded to claims that his girlfriend had been caught cheating.

The love birds have been one of the most celebrated couple in the country and fans have always wondered why they haven’t decided to settle yet.

Trevor is a graduate in Journalism and mass communication and has pleased fans in the way he loves and supports his lover which has helped him accumulate a large following on his social pages.

Their loyalty and how they celebrate each other’s achievements have been a testament that love works.

Their love story begun in 2018, at a photoshoot event where Trevor was the photographer. They exchanged contacts and that small interaction blossomed into an incredible relationship.

Netizens love Eve Mungai for her outgoing personality, her vibrant way of living and her inspiring life story.





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