Oga Obinna a popular gospel musician has unleashed lethal bullets aimed at the ”Halleluyah” hitmaker.

The comedian took to his largely followed Instagram account to express his unsolicited opinion on the musicians career path.

He stated that he could not wait for the day Willy Paul would go back to his former path of being a gospel musician as his space was still unfilled.

He called unto popular musician cum evangelist Size 8 reborn and Gloria Muliro to pray for the singer.

”Waiting for the day Willy Paul Msafi will come back to gospel. His space is still waiting for him after all this years@Size8reborn mshikilie @Gloria Muliro muombee.” he wrote

The comedian expressed that nostalgia hit him every time he listened to tunes made before Willy Paul converted to doing secular tunes.

”Willy paul msafi gospel bro.. if you go back there…homerun!!! nostalgic.” the comedian added.

Willy Paul first come to the limelight after he released his gospel hit song ”Kitanzi” featuring legendary singer Gloria Muliro.

Netzines gravitated towards him as his was a story from grass to grace.

Having being raised in the slums, Willy Paul became a  source of encouragement to young men as he was an epitome of prove  that no matter what where you were born your dreams were valid.

He would go on to release more bangers on his own, but his second prime happened when he started collaborating with Size 8 in songs weeks after she herself has converted from secular to gospel music.

Willy Paul first tested the waters by releasing love songs before dipping both his legs in the secular industry.

He has since fully transformed to secular music even going ahead to release hit songs with international artist like Nandi who they collaborated on two hit songs namely ”Hallelujah” and ”Njiwa”




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