Nyota Ndogo

Legendary songbird Nyota Ndogo claims that her life is in danger after encountering daring thugs twice.

Speaking to Tuko Kenya, the Watu na Viatu hitmaker said that the thugs first struck at her home last week when there was a blackout.

“Last week on Wednesday at around 9pm, there was a blackout. At around 3am, a neighbor called me and told me that dogs were backing in my compound. I don’t have a dog, but there are many dogs in our estate and when there is something wrong, you will just know.

“A dog can see a genie or a bad person. So the dogs know the people living around them. When we woke up in the morning we actually discovered that some people had sneaked in. One of my cars had been broken into, they were unable to open the other one but they broke the lock,”  the Coast-based singer narrated.

She however did not report to the police about the incident since she had no suspects in mind. Days later, she was once again accosted by car jackers near SGR  after dropping her mother at her home.

“The other day, on my way back, I was chased by thugs who wanted to take my car. Police were ahead of us and they saw them. They chased them away. It was at10pm. I now knew that they were proceeding whatever they had planned at home. So I am not okay, it is like am being stalked even during the day,” she said.

Nyota Ndogo says that the matter has left her confused and is even affecting her work.

“I am asking myself lots of questions. Is it me or it is just the car that they want. Police asked me if I have any suspects but there is none because in our estate we live peacefully,” she said.

She has since recorded a statement with the police, who have embarked on conducting patrols in the area.




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