Karen Nyamu the nominated UDA senator has left tongues wagging again, after her speech during the now famous Allan Chesang’s football tournament in Transnzoia county.

In a video making rounds on social media, a seemingly intoxicated Nyamu took to the podium to address the crowd as her lover’s mugithi songs played in the background.

She lauded the senator for organising a successful tournament stating that it was the best she had ever seen.

”Mimi naitwa Senator Karen Nyamu na nilikua nataka kupongeza senator wenu sana. Nilikua naambia senator wenu ata Nairobi sijai ona tournament kama hii. Uongo mbaya.Na ninampongeza sana.” Nyamu stated.

What caught the attention of netizens however, is the senator’s finishing remarks.

Nyamu openly revealed that during the match, she was checking out the handsome male players.

She identified player number 7 as the young man who had found Favour in her eyes as she proceeded to lure him to follow her to the car after the celebrations.

”Na wakati mlikua mnacheza mimi nilikua naangalia vijana, vijana vihendu na kuna mmoja hapo number 7 ama ni ngapi? ehe aletwe alwetwe pale kwa gari. Asante sana speaker kuja usalimie watu” the senator stated.

Netziens hopped to give their opinions on the senator’s speech. Some expressed their disappointment stating that it she was setting a bad example as a leader while others questioned why she was salivating on young men, yet she had a lover and children back at home.

”Samidoh typing with his guitar and deleting in his police boots ready to run after number 7.”

”Setting a very bad example to the young people. A senator indeed.”

”Uyu na Betty Kyalo ni same WhatsApp group. Walikua wamelewa wote. Allan Chesang about to trend.”

”This girl has a heart of gold you can tell she was just joking.” netizens commented.



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