Coast-based socialite and entrepreneur Vera Sidika has maintained that she is still pregnant.

Vera’s remarks come about five months after revealing that she was 7 months pregnant with her second born.

Vera was forced to clarify about her giving birth after sharing her video with a baby. Many of her followers concluded that the baby in the video was her ‘newborn’ son and that he  resembled her unlike her first-born Asia.

Vera however denied that the baby was hers saying that she couldn’t be pregnant and at the same time have her son with her.

“Surely I am pregnant and at the same time holding my son? Nyinyi watu I can’t even take pics with fans and their babies anymore?” she clarified.

On Friday, Vera graced the opening of Quickmart’s Nyali branch. She appeared pregnant but fans were quick to claim that she was just pretending and that she gave birth a long time ago.

According to them, Vera has to maintain that she is pregnant because of her ongoing show reality, Real Housewives of Nairobi. It is expected that the delivery of her son will be featured on the show and therefore admitting that she already gave birth will spoil the fun.

“For sure, Vera gave birth a long time ago. Seems she still has to pretend she still has it in order not to ruin the show or rather the reveal which will happen in the show coz weeh tangu areveal last year Dec alisema ako officially 7 months am sure she delivered  hapo Feb. From this video and her stories  we all can see that bump looks fake also its small,” a netizen said.


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