A fan of singer Akothee expressed concern following her marriage to Denis Omosh Schweizer, hoping that she had done a thorough background check on him

According to the netizen, identified as Sarah Akoth Atieno, some men go after single mothers because they are vulnerable.

“Just be careful Akothee. Some men target single mothers and their vulnerability. Hope you did his background check,” the netizen said.

Reacting to the comment, Akothee acknowledged what Sarah said noting that it was true. She however insinuated that the advice will not help her since she already got married, adding that she face whatever will come in future.

“Some me target single mothers and rich women its true. Let them do a background check before. Good advice. Mimi nishaoelewa mengine tutakutana nayo kule mbele. Kesho tune in Citizen,” the mother of five said.

A section of netizens were worried for Akothee since not so much is known about Omosh including his career and family.

Akothee however recently revealed Omosh’s source of livelihood. She said that Omosh is a commercial farmer and that they export they farm produce abroad.

“Many people were saying that this guy doesn’t seem real. They were saying, this guy looks suspicious. Why haven’t they seen you since September?You were walking around here. When they saw you in the field, they said, this guy is poor. Because they saw you in the field. Have they never seen a white person in Rongo? We actually export food to Europe. They told me about Holland, it’s the number one flower farm I think. And actually, in Switzerland the richest people are farmers,” she recently said.



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