Popular Kenyan comedian Mulamwah  has been taken aback by a fan who adores him to an extend that he  opened a butchery and name it Mulamwa.

Mulamwah through his Insta story posted a conversation of him and  the butcher man who had reached out to him, informing him of his decision.

The fan started by  informing Mulamwah that he had been a staunch fan of his and had been keenly following on his content creation.

He continued that he had hailed from Kakamega but currently stays in Ongata Rongai and together with his wife they decided to open a butchery and name after him due to the adoration they had for the comedian.

“Hello Mulamwah , My name is Benson…… your die hard fan omwana wa ingo okhurula kakamega but I stay in ongata Rongai ” the fan stated.

“Being your number one fan , together with my wife we opened up a small butchery and named after you hoping that one day God willing you will come to this shop and we will meet one on one. Be blessed brother” he added.

Mulamwah was surprised by the gesture and promised the fan that he would soon visit his establishment so that they can eat the meat  together as a token of appreciation for the fans’ incredible deed.

“Wow, ahsante sana, am humbled, lazima nitakuja uko tuchome nyama” Mulamwah told him.

It is normal for celebrities to receive such gestures from fans. Just days ago,  Harmonize was also astounded by a fan from Tanzania who drew a picture of him on the rear of his tuktuk.

While sharing a video of the Tuktuk, Harmonize promised the fan a sum of Five hundred Thousand for the action. He also promised he would give away the same amount of money to someone who also also anchored a photo of him and Hamisa who him he refers to as a close friend.





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