UDA nominated Senator Karen Nyamu took to Facebook to celebrate Chelsea on their draw with Arsenal. The controversial politician was relieved that the blues did not loose to Arsenal as Samidoh is a fan of Chelsea.

In the post Karen Nyamu referred to Samidoh as “mueverlasting” which angered a fan who gave back a retort alleging that she is a husband snatcher.

“Come back of the season! ni vile tu nilikua nimeambia Arteta leo tupige pole pole tusipige kama man city na Man u sababu muevelarsting ni team chelsea” Karen Nyamu wrote.

“Ni bwana wa wenyewe unaita mueverlasting??? Team blue” Murungi Mwinjah commented on Karen nyamu’s post.

In a quick rejoinder Karen Nyamu with a witty comment denied that she had not be referring to Samidoh and that he got it all wrong.

“Murugi Mwinjah ata sijataja huyo wangu ni nani lakini ni kama unamjua” she responded.

Other critics were quick to claim that the mugithi singer would eventually leave her and go back to Edday Nderitu and his kids.

“Ile siku Edday atapatana na Karis mwana muebu ama daktari kutoka kitui,,,😏😏 kitakuramba😏😏😏😏” a fan wrote

“Usiseme meverlasting……sema Nimsnatching…… Hopes hutaona hiii🙈🙈🙈🙊🙊🙊” Another fan wrote.

“Muevelasting my foot…amka usikojoe Kwa kitanda…but anyway ata kama wewe nì wakili only judge can God..” A fan criticized her

Karen Nyamu has been making headlines since her involvement with Samidoh her name has become synonymous with controversy.

In the blowback of all these was Edday Nderitu Samidoh’s legal wife who was dragged into all the turbulent drama.

She went forward to declare that she would not share her husband with no one else and she was getting strength from hert faith to get through all the turmoil.

As the drama surrounding Karen, Samidoh and Edday netizens have continuously predicted that Samidoh will come to realize he made a mistake.



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