YouTube content creators Commentator and his girlfriend Moureen Ngingi have announced that they are expecting their first child,  and this has seen Mungai Eve face intense pressure.

The couple shared the good news with their fans on their through Instagram.

“Ten little fingers, ten little toes. With love and grace, our family grows. This precious soul, so sweet and new. This little life, a dream come true,” Commentator captioned a series of their pregnancy reveal photoshoot.

The confirmation of pregnancy comes nearly a month after fans suspected that they were expecting. Commentator however came out to deny it, saying that the rumour is not true and it would be true if only it only came from him.


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Their fans and friends have however congratulated them for the big step, including YouTuber Mungai Eve.

“Congratulations my people, watu wa zaa wako the floor is yours,” she said as she bashed her haters.

Netizens have however not left alone, with some openly wondering why she is yet to get pregnant, while her colleagues are getting babies.

“2mbili, mbona Mungai Eve hapati,” an Instagram user identified as Tajiri Forever questioned Comedian 2mbili after he had congratulated Commentator and Ngigi.

“Wewe niko sure mamako hakua na mbio. Ulizaliwa ukiwa 40, Eve is just 22, kila mtu na time yake, alafu usiniulize za watu sijui,” the comedian responded.

Tajiri’s comment however did not escape Mungai’s eye.

“Tajiri forever funny how you think giving birth is a trend, until am sure I am in a position to give my child  the very best life, ain’t ever succumbing to this pressure, wewe pata we will be here to congratulate you,” she said.

Other netizens however continued to troll her.

” Mungai Eve wewe enedelea kutuonyesha mat*ko wenzako wakizaa,” one said as another wrote, ” Mungai Eve typing and deleting.”

Commentator and Ngingi  join the list of many content creators that have been blessed with children in the near past. They include Thee Pluto and Felicity who welcomed a daughter, Nicholas Kioko and Wambo Ashley who were blessed with twin boys, Presenter Ali and Medina who were blessed with a daughter, among others.

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