Mumias East Cabinet Secretary Peter Salasya has found himself at the center of a social media storm after posting a controversial picture on Twitter accompanied by a caption that has garnered widespread criticism and outrage from Kenyan netizens.

In the  tweet, CS Salasya shared a photo of himself and captioned it, “Hii luku nikienda nayo Europe naeza patako dem mzungu, natamani ku feel how mzungu woman taste, sijawai in my life.”

On Facebook, Salasya also shared a similar desire.

“Nikienda Europe naezarudi na dem mzungu kweli ama tutazidi kuwasomea na kkuwaonea  kwenye magazeti wakina Azziad wametusumbua sana hii Kenya,” he said.

The post, which was intended to be light-hearted, quickly drew condemnation from social media users who deemed it inappropriate and offensive.

Many Twitter users expressed their disappointment, asserting that such remarks from a public official were unbecoming and did not align with the standards expected of government representatives. Some questioned the professionalism and ethics of a leader making such comments on a public platform.

Critics argued that public officials should uphold a higher level of decorum and should be cautious about their online presence, considering the influence they wield and their responsibility as role models.

The controversial tweet prompted calls for an apology and retraction from honorable Salasya, with some demanding accountability for his remarks. Kenyan Twitter users, both citizens and public figures, weighed in on the matter, emphasizing the importance of respecting diverse cultures and maintaining a respectful discourse.

Salasya is yet to respond to the criticism.

The incident serves as a reminder of the power and reach of social media platforms and the responsibility that comes with being a public official. It highlights the importance of using such platforms judiciously and refraining from making comments that can be deemed offensive or culturally insensitive.


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