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Renown Rapper King Kaka has maintained that he doesn’t follow his  wife Nana Owiti on Instagram.

According to him, this is a decision that they arrived while they were still dating.

”Sijamfollow instagram, sijafollow Nana instagram. When we started dating tuliamua hatutafollow each other sasa si tutafuatana tu kwa nyumba,” he jested.

He disclosed this on an interview during Vince on the beat’s EP launch,  when he was asked if he had seen a recent photo that Nana had posted and in which netizens thought she was dressed inappropriately.

The interviewer went ahead to show him the controversial photo in a bid to get his reaction, since he affirmed that he had not come across the photo in blogs

He said that contrary to what some netizens said about her dressing being exposing he was okay with it.

”Ehh mimi naona ako sawa, anakaa fiti weeh,’ Nana hunimaliza, huyo msichana ni mrembo,” he said and went ahead to question the interviewer whether she had been to the Coast.

“Mi niko sawa nayo, anakaa fiti…weueweh, anajua kuchagua,” he further drooled over his wife.


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Previously, Nana had however given a detailed explanation on why the unfollowed each other on all social media platforms.

“When we started the relationship, we were friends on Facebook for a couple of days, and then we would always be like ‘hako kanakucommentia ni kanani hako?’. We were like, ‘you know what by the way, sa nakufollow ya? By the way ujue naku-unfriend leo’

“I told him that and he said, ‘sawa basi’ and it has been like that. I have never followed King, he has never followed me, we don’t follow each other on Instagram. It’s not even a conversation at home,” the mother of two said.

Nana is a Tv Host, Influencer, Content creator among other things and has been married to the ‘Wajinga nyinyi’ singer for 12 years.

Few months ago as they celebrated their anniversary. She penned a beautiful message on social media accompanied with their  throw back photos.

“I met you a day like this 12yrs ago and we exchanged numbers. Ningekunyima number aje sasa? On our first date, we went for a movie(We had a bet and the condition was that should either of us lose the bet then the ‘loser’ would take the other party for a movie and pay for not only the movie but also the snacks),”she wrote.

”That will remain one of the best days of my life. Our book started here. I’m so glad God allowed our paths to cross even though we were both oblivious of His plans. You are an amazing partner, friend, confidant and a great dad. I love you,” she continued.

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