Akothee is celebrating a great achievement of  graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Mount Kenya University, an academic journey that has lasted for 14 years.

The mother of five took to social media to celebrate herself for the achievement.

“Today, we stand witness to a triumph 14 years in the making. .ESTHER AKOTH KOKEYO graduation from MT KENYA UNIVERSITY BBM class of 2023 is not just an academic achievement; it’s a testament to unwavering resilience.

”Congratulations, ESTHER AKOTH KOKEYO AKOTHEE, on this remarkable accomplishment💪 Your resilience is a beacon, illuminating the path for those who believe in the transformative power of education. Cheers to a journey well-traveled and a future filled with boundless possibilities,” she captioned her  graduation photos on her Instagram.

Prior, during graduation, the artist couldn’t keep calm as she flaunted rehearsals online,  stealing the show as she took selfies with her fellow graduands; sharing every moment of her D-day with her fans online.

She perceives her degree not only as an academic milestone but an inspiration to all those who dare to dream as well as a testament of unwavering resilience.


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The well-off Musician and Entrepreneur has been striving to earn her degree for a long time, a push that she says came from her mum, who never seemed contented with her numerous achievements with no certificate to show for her smart brains.

Recently she shared on how pursuing her degree was not a walk in the park, as even her classmates were young enough to be her sons and daughters.

”Trust me it is not fun returning to complete an undergraduate degree with 17 years of work experience surrounded by my fellow students who could be my sons and daughters, and some people thinking you’re back to do your Ph.D!”

”I even suspect that some of my Lecturers are younger than I am. But, that idiom age is just a number has never felt more appropriate,” she noted.

The success behind the Entrepreneur has not however come on a silver platter. It has been an aggregation of efforts and guts to chase the life she lives now.

In pursuing different occupations and businesses, she once sold omena and worked as taxi driver in Mombasa.

She has pursued different occupations and businesses building on her wealth. Her talent in singing and dancing effortlessly steering her into the world of fame and popularity.

The mother of five, who recently declared herself as the President of single mothers leads a lifestyle that seems to allure many into her world due to her carefree spirit, relationship entanglements and unending dramas.






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