Mylee Stacy a Kenyan socialite has put a price tag on it and we might want to warn you its in Billions.

The former girlfriend to radio Maisha presenter Weezdom took it to her Instagram stories to announce her dowry price to her followers and probably her future husband.

Stacy made the announcement when replying to a thirsty fan who was shooting his shot at the voluptuous lady, expressing how a photo of Stacy had turned him on and his strong desire of making her his wife.

The socialite stated that she always had a good laugh each time she sampled her direct messages on Instagram.

She was surprised that the man on the other line wanted to go straight into marriage .

Stacy announced that her dowry was set at 800 Billion almost a Trillion .

”You guys every time I go through my inbox I just laugh coz heee!!! mtakuwa direct hivii. straight to marriage lmao. My dowry payment is 800 Billion almost a Trillion. Utawezana?” she asked her admirer.

Kenyans flocked the comment section hilariously reacting to the announcement. Some thought that she had set the price too high while others lauded her for valuing herself.

”Dem ako na tatoo dowry yake inafaa kukua punda  moja”

”Hawa ndio hawaolewangi wanakuja kusettle mileage ikiisha with just anything bora its breathing.”

” I love how women know their worth on social media  then settle for whatsoever available in reality.”

”Wewe kama huwezi afford, Nyamaza. Too many broke men in the comment section.”

Her announcement comes days after Mungai Eve’s boyfriend caused a stir online after stating that he would pay 10 Million as dowry and that amount increased by 5 million each year.

This has sparked conversations in social circles but the elephant in the room remains to be the question on how much bride price is worth and if its even necessary  in today’s world.




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