Edday Nderitu has broken silence after Bernice Saroni said she is proud of taking her away from Samidoh, a move that many believed led to the wrecking of their marriage

In a video she shared on TikTok, Bernice said that it was not easy for her to oversee the relocation of Edday and her children to US. She however noted that her action had done the mother of three well as well as her children as they were currently glowing.

“Si hii kitu imewauma na hamtoshekangi. Actually I am super super proud of myself of what I did to her. Bringing her to US,  unafikiria kukuja US ni rahisi na kukuja mpaka na watoi, I am super proud of myself. Today being thanksgiving, one thing that I am grateful to God for is for Edday being in the US. Hamuoni venye anaglow, hamuoni venye watoto wake wana glow? Anakaa vizuri, anakaa tu dooh, she is blessed, she is happy she is at peace. Mnafikiria nitafeel vibaya ati juu mimi  ni single mother sasa mananjudge ati nilimtoa kwa boma yake,’ Bernice said while responding to a TikTok user who accused her of making Edday leave her matrimonial home.

The critic had made the comment while responding  to a video that Bernice had shared earlier that talked about her hiding her man when she will eventually get into a relationship.

However in her response, the US-based promoter further challenged the netizen if she would support or kill her family with her words.

Edday has also reacted to the video of Bernice bashing critics whereby she admitted that it would be a different case had she not come to her rescue and that of her children.

“May God bless you gal, whatever you did to me and my kids it’s something I can’t even explain. My daughter angekua rehab mimi nikiwa 6ft under,” Samidoh’s estranged wife said.

She relocated to US with her children mid this year, as Karen Nyamu and Samidoh’s relationship continued to hit the headlines.


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