Former news anchor Betty Kyallo has once again found herself on the wrong side with netizens.

This is after her video, during a golf tournament, that was organised by Trans Nzoia senator Allan Chesang recently surfaced online, and went viral.

In the video, Betty was addressing the crowd which was reluctant to give her a listening ear, nevertheless she struggled hard and drove her point home.

“Weuweeh, maboyz tulieni, nimefurahi sana kuwa hapa leo, sikizeni si msikize hamsikizangi ndio maana tunabreak up. Kwa hivyo nimefurahi sana kuwa hapa Trans Nzoia. Thanks so much Allan Chesang for inviting me. Huyu ni beshte yangu, huyu ni boyz manze.  Wacha niwaambie kitu moja nataka msikize tu,” Betty said as the youths continued to give her a hard time.

Chesang intervened asking the youths to calm down for a moment.

Proceeding with her speech, Betty said,” Naongea na mayouth, wacha niwaambie kitu moja. Mimi am one of the most famous people in this country. Talent yako ikupeleke mbali, kama wewe ni dancer DJ, unapenda kufanya kitu, talent yako ikupeleke mahali. Mimi nilikuwa najiongelesha kwa kioo huko home ‘Good evening my name is Betty Kyallo welcome to the news’ na nikaenda nikasomea na nikakuwa the best news anchor in this country.”

Concluding her speech, she acknowledged Chesang’s efforts towards the youths.

Netizens however noticed that something was off with Betty, some claiming that she looked drunk. Others said that Chesang looked worried not expecting what would come out of Betty’s mouth.

“Don’t drink and drive a mic in your mouth, see what happened to Betty Kyallo,” a netizen said.

Another said,” Mwanamke mlevi is a no go zone. Okari really dodged the a bullet here. Betty Kyallo keeps proving men who left her right. Anyway women’s lips should only be used for kissing men not kissing alcohol bottles.”

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