Socialite and entrepreneur Huddah Monroe has declined to share any details about her past romantic relationship with rapper Colonel Mustafa.

Huddah instead chose to hang up the call when she was contacted by Milele FM presenter Ankali Ray.

The presenter didn’t give up the subject and  chose to talk to Mustafa instead, who confessed that he  misses his Huddah.

According to him,  what he misses most is her generosity and attractive nature, adding that the biggest shortcoming he knew her for was hot temperedness.

“Ni msichana mwema, nakumbuka zile moments hata kama zilikuwa za wiki mbili.  Kile namimiss sana ni wakati ameamua kuwa mkarimu alikuwa mwema. Hasira ndio ilikuwa nyingi I don’t know why. Lakini alikuwa mwema na alikuwa anavutia,” Mustafa said.

The news that she was marrying a Persian man, did not sit well with him as he hoped that he would stop the wedding.

“Hongera kwake. Hii sasa(blocking the wedding) wakati harusi yenyewe inafanyika tuingie pale, sasa zile wanasema kuna mtu yoyote anataka kupinga hili swala sasa mimi na mzee baba tunajitokeza lakini bila hivyo hatuwezi tutashindwa mchezo,” he said.

Mustafa and Huddah’s relationship only lasted for two weeks and the two announced their break up, eliciting different reactions on social media.

Highlighting the reasons for ending their astonishingly brief relationship, the singer and rapper voiced that the rich beauty started acting strangely after a picture of him and a female fan surfaced online.

On the socialite’s part, she gave a contrary reason to the break up stating that she found Colonel to be below her class. She further highlighted that her Ex-lover was just using the relationship as a means to gain publicity for his music career.

The successful Kenyan Entrepreneur, social media personality and model recently sent shockwaves through her largely followed Instagram account as she announced her engagement to a Persian on November 14.

“It will end in premium tears,” a netizen reacted to the flaunting posts.

According to her, it was a jubilant moment as she never expected to find love yet again, especially with Persian man.

“Never have I ever thought a Persian man would take my heart & run off with it,” she wrote.

She thrilled her fans and followers all the more when she extended an invitation to them to attend her wedding that was set to happen this coming month.

The legendary singer, Mustafa a while back opened up about his singleness, saying that life has become expensive and he could not afford taking a lady out on a date.

“I’ve been avoiding relationships for a long time. I’ve been single. There was a time when people were saying they were staying long distances for three or six months. I’m single because there’s nothing I can do. Life has become expensive. I can’t take care of a lady. I’ve got used to it, I said it’s okay,” he told a youtuber.


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