The vice chancellor has come under fire after all activities came to a standstill in Moi University as protesters matched calling for the removal of the current vice chancellor Isaac Kosgey over allegations of poor leadership and poor performance.

Mr Kosgey took over as the Vice Chancellor after local leaders fueled a demonstration towards the removal of the former Vice Chancellor, Prof Ayiro whom they claim was a victim of a tribal witch hunt. The locals have kicked themselves for falling victims of deception to the leaders.

“We apologize to Professor Ayiro. We were deceived by local politicians to chase him away, but he was the best,” Richard Tarus, a local community leader noted.

The Don after been rejected fell into green pastures as he was hired by Daystar university and feted Kenya’s best VC at the Uongozi Awards.

“It is with utmost humility and gratitude to God that I am honored to have been awarded the Vice Chancellor of the Year 2023 at the Uongozi Awards,” read a post from Prof Ayiros’ Facebook page.

One of the protesters noted that they removed the VC to fix their ‘own’ whom they thought would do better but to their utter dismay, he performed worse than the ‘outsider.’

“Since Prof Ayiro left this university, we have never had a performer like him. We thought the university would excel if we had one of our own. We are demanding that a competent leader be appointed as VC of Moi University,” said Irene Too, one of the protesters.

Among the other things that the protesters were protesting against are, increase in cases of sexual harassment of female students, rampant sale of alcohol to students and corruption which is now a rife at the institution.

Ms. Too calling for investigations by the Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission (EACC), alleged that the university pumped millions of shillings into the apple farming project which fell into individuals’ pockets.

“Two years ago, this university pumped millions of shillings into the apple farming project to raise funds to supplement government funding, promising to raise Sh. 80n billion, but so far the project has failed as individuals have pocketed the money meant for the ambitious project,” Ms. Too alleged.

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