Business mogul and influecer Michelle Ntalami has lost her cool with Ex Nairobi governor Mike Sonko for propergating lies alleging that she used to date the late LGBTQActivist and model Edwin Chiloba.

Sonko found himself on the wrong sides of the androsexual influencer who did not filter her words when shutting Sonko.

A day ago , Sonko took to his socials spilling what he terms best as the truth about the relationship between Mitchell Ntalami and the late Edwin Chiloba.

“Kumbe the late Edwin Chiloba had an affair with @michelle.ntalami na walikuwa na mapenzi moto moto hadi jana Michele had to pen down a beautiful tribute to the late Edwin Chiloba recalling the first time they met and the beautiful moments they shared. Rest in Peace Edwin,” read the allegations from Mike Sonko.

Ntalami who was not pleased with Sonko’s allegations requested the former governor to respect the dead and better still publish authentic things on his socials and shun from spreading fake news.

“@mike.sonko With all due respect Sir, please write/speak only the things you are certain of. The late @its_edwinchiloba and I were friends. If you understood the dynamics, you would know a feminine woman like me would be the LAST person he’d be attracted to,” Michelle said. 

She further asked Sonko to relax as Chiloba’s death is still under probe and speculations are not needed at this time.

“This is a sensitive matter. Stop propagating lies, let the DCI do their job, and”This is a sensitive matter. Stop propagating lies, let the DCI do their job, and let’s let Edwin rest. I’ve always held you in high regard; I believe you are above this. Asante,

Chiloba’s partner Jackton Odhiambo has so far pleaded guilty of killing the activist , despite investigations still going on.

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