Weezdom ,a Popular entertainer and former gospel musician has elicited different reactions after blasting his ex girlfriend Mylee Stacy.

The entertainer was cornered by bloggers as he headed to a night joint in the company of his new girlfriend identified as Joy.

On  noticing the camera, he did not shy away from claiming the beautiful lady in his arm, he introduced her to his fans and followers an act considered by netizens as a hard launch as the fans did not see him moving on anytime soon.

When asked the message he wished to send to his ex girlfriend Mylee Stacy, the entertainer proceeded to ask for his expensive ring back claiming he got at Ksh 100,000.

Weezdom further explained that the ring ought to be with someone he loves and Stacy was not that special someone hence no need for her to still hold onto it.

”Ile message niko nayo leo ni Mylee aambiwe anirudishie ile pete nilimpea nilinunua elfu mia. anirudishie ivo tu. Hiyo pete inafaa kua na mtu mwenye napenda na si yeye sasa amebaki nayo ya nini arudishe.” the singer advised.

When asked whether he intended to propose with the ring to his new lover, she quickly interjected and made it clear that she would not wear a ring worn by another lady.

”Ring imevaliwa na mtu mwingine? hiyo siezi vaa” she coyly stated.

The notorious bloggers then went ahead to compare the difference between the two ladies, they  claimed that his new flame had a better fashion taste compared to Mylee as they complemented her for smelling so nice.

On his part, the entertainer explained that the difference between the two lay in decency and conduct blasting Mylee for having a high mileage a term used to describe a woman who engages in a lot of sexual acitivities.

”Tofauti ni mileage, ya mylee imeenda sana.” he claimed.



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