Famous YouTube couple The Bavakas which comprises of Bavaka and Leila have joined the rapid growing Kenyan singles club as they confirmed their break-up on Tuesday Morning.

The former picture perfect couple have  been in a five year relationship. They rose to fame through their YouTube channel where they consistently posted pranks and videos on their love life.

Taking to her Instagram account, Leila took it upon herself to  confirm what the fans dreaded the most.  Replying to an inquisitive follower who expressed concern on her relationship status , Leila stated that fans were pestering her with questions on why Bavaka was no longer in her videos or why their YouTube channel ”Life With the Bavakas” did not have updated content.

The content creator confirmed  that her and Bavaka were no longer together before thanking people for their support over the years and calling on the couples fans to also move on.

”So I’ve been receiving a lot of these and I don’t think its okay to leave you guys in the dark. I and Bavaka are no longer together but thanks for your support all through guys. Lets move on now okay? thanks,” Leila wrote in her Instagram.

Following her heartbreaking message, fans flocked the comment section  some stating that they will miss the couple on  YouTube while others reflected on the short life span of  relationships.

“Men will leave you in the desert without water, her repost tho,”

“Yaani after he did those pranks kumbe he was to practice them sad tho,”

“Being in a relationship is the craziest thing. One moment you are telling each other how you love one another then someday you just wake up and you don’t wanna see that person,” some fans commented.

Earlier on, Leila had reposted a cryptic video on her TikTok which read “Healing can be so hard when your inner child wants love, your teenage self wants revenge ,and your current self only wants peace,” . Fans speculated that this post was an eye opener that everything was not fine in their relationship.

On his part, Bavaka has remained tight-lipped on the issue and fans only hope that he will speak about their breakup soon.























































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