Flamboyant city business man Jamal Marlow popularly known as Jimal Rohosafi has proved that money can indeed buy almost everything as he flew all the way to Turkey to get a new hairline.

The controversial ladies man has always been open about his hair struggles. Last year, he shared with his fans that he uses an expensive hair cream known as ”Mali” which helps to keep his receding hairline in check.

Taking to his Instagram account, the father of four shared the news on his recent visit to Turkey with his followers. He stated that his doctor who is set to come to Kenya was ranked the best globally in hair transplant before candidly suggesting that he would get the doctor a Kenyan bred sweetheart.

”Best Dr. in the world ranked for hair transplant. Soon he will be in Kenya and Africa. Anasema nimtafutie mtu kenya nifanye connection ama?” Marlow captioned the photo with his doctor.

Seemingly fascinated with the news, Kenyans took to his comment section to share their opinions on the cosmetic surgery.

”Huku nje mnapanda nywele kama nyasi”

”Zile Mali hair products vipi? I was to purchase should i proceed?”

”Mnateswa na vitu ndogo kama nywele why??” fans commented.

Marlaw’s  hair struggles found their way to the limelight during an online feud with his ex wife, Amira. The two have been at logger heads with each other owing to the man’s cheating scandal.

The businessman had shared in a post that Amira had not lost weight organically instead she had undergone a weight loss surgery. In response, Amira shared before and after photos of Marlow’s first hair transplant  blasting him for the double standards.

Turkey is a hot bed for cosmetic surgeries especially to a lot of celebrities. The hair transplant in question is worth Sh700,000 and it involves moving hair from an area you already have to a bald area on the head.



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