Manzi wa Kibera

Manzi wa Kibera’s 67-year-old man has caused chaos online after claiming that he is not the father to the socialite’s unborn child.

Samuel Nzuki, the man in question held a press conference with YouTube bloggers yesterday where he shared the shocking news.

Nzuki claimed that he felt cheated asserting that there was no way he was responsible for the pregnancy. He hilariously told the bloggers that he would not shy away from questioning Manzi wa kibera on the real paternity of the baby Infront of members of the public.

”Hapa nilichezwa kabisa. sababu hiyo mimba apaana. Haize kua yangu hiyo haiwezi kua yangu .hata. iyo nimekataa kata kata kabisa hiyo.  Manzi wa kibera atuambie mimba ni yani. Ata akikuja hapa saa hii namuuliza ni ya nani, tuambie hiyo mimba ni ya nani.Nataka aniambie hiyo mimba ni ya nani ” the man stated.

Seemingly excited by Kenyans took to the comment section to air out their opinions regarding the man’s statement.

”Nilifikiria ni hawa yahoo boys ndio huruka mimba. Nimekubali all men are the same regardless of age.”

”Sema mambo KUCHEMKA…mzee amepatwa na heartbreak, it’s like we are losing another soul. Hadi maneno haitiki, ”

”Hata mzee anaruka mimba” kenyans commented.

Manzi wa kibera took to her social media accounts 6 days ago to share the good news with her fans. She posted up photos and videos showing off her baby bump together with her aged partner with the caption ” wakiwachana na sisi ndio tunapendana”

Most Kenyans, however, have adamantly refused to believe that the two individuals are romantically involved. They argue that the whole age- gap relationship saga is just but a ploy. Invented by the socialite to keep her relevant in showbiz.

Manzi wa Kibera is yet to address the paternity questions posted to her by her boyfriend and fans cannot wait for a rensponse.









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