Thee Pluto

Thee Pluto alias Robert Ndegwa a popular Kenyan content creator seems to have tapped into his philanthropic era.

The forex trader took to his largely followed Instagram account hours after the Kenya Certificate of Primary Examinations results were announced to share some good news for the ex-candidates.

He expressed his interest in sponsoring one child who had passed the examinations but came from a needy family that could not afford to take them through secondary education.

The father of two prompted his fans and followers to directly message him if they knew of such a needy intelligent child.

”Looking forward to sponsoring one kid who has passed his/her Kcpe exams. Must be in need and can’t completely afford secondary education. In case you know of such a kid, DM me with details. thanks, Tuanze plans mapema.” he wrote.

courtesy of Nairobi Gossip Club.

Netizens flocked to the comment section with opinions on the content creator’s offer. Some lauded him for his philanthropic act while others blasted him for showing off, stating that he would have helped without posting it.

May God bless you more pluto……the hand that gives receives twice the blessings….you are a hero brother”

Mbona mwenye ameperform unaeza kua hukuperform ju ya situweshen but ulijaribu. Take that kid mwenye ako hapo 250-300 hatadissapoint”

”Si ungeenda ata kijiji yenu bila kueka post juu am sure kuna wengi huko..eeish hawa wasanii.” netizens commented.

The Pluto’s post comes days after he came clean on his depression that he had suffered earlier this year stating that it was caused by the trolls camping under his social media pages and insulting him terming him as a conman and a scammer.




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