Virginia Wangari’s son  Peterson Kamotho alias Youngblood, a content creator who rose to fame after his parent’s messy divorce was aired online is the latest single celebrity in town.

His new relationship status comes as a result of infidelity claims after his girlfriend Rash Nihan, caught him pants down cheating live on TikTok.

According to Nihan, her boyfriend got out of the house to pick up a call but upon eavesdropping, she realized that Kamotho was speaking on the phone with a mysterious lady.

Her suspicions were proved right when Kamotho addressed the caller on the line as ”babe” forcing Nishan to confront him live on Tiktok.

”Alinicheat, alafu anakuja huku nje kwa barabara kuongea na dem alafu ananiambia ety eeh nimeongea na yeye story ya forex, forex gani? forex unakuja kuitana babe huku nje. Shame on you. oneni oneni vizuri” an angry Nishan shouted.

On his part, Kamotho stood his ground stating that the call in question was a business one in nature. He advised his girlfriend that going live on Tiktok would not embarrass him before seemingly speeding off in his car.


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Excited netizens flocked to the comment section with opinions on the whole saga. Some felt that Nishan was wrong for airing their dirty linen in public while others expressed their respect for the young man for standing his ground.

”sikuizi mnaitanga babe forex? Syllabus is running”

”And I don’t believe in relationships in more”

”As the CEO of Wachawi association tunasema kaende sana ” Kenyans online commented.

The two lovebirds came public with their relationship one year ago. Their relationship was labeled controversial as it happened months after Nihan had ended her previous relationship.

They are yet to offer any statements regarding their way forward as a couple and fans can’t wait to see how the young couple will handle the infidelity handle that has stalled their relationship.

If they decide to end their relationship, they join the long list of celebrities who have broken up this year.




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