Former Kiss FM Radio Presenter Oga Obinna has posted an alleged screenshot of his bank account balance of Ksh 51,488, 308.85 after Eric Omondi claimed he is richer than him.

Obinna boasted about his vast wealth saying the screenshot he shared was just from one of the many bank accounts he owns.

“I didn’t want to stoop this low but well. This is just one of the accounts by the way,” read part of his post.

Obinna further claimed the money Eric showcased on Thursday 18th May was fake.

” Toka kwa Wanjigi, who doesn’t know fake money when they see it?” he went on.

The comedian promised to investigate how Eric is making his wealth and  confirm if his money is legal.

“Kesho I will come confirm if the money is real and where you get it from Mr. Project. You don’t have to shout to make your point,” Obinna said.

Social media sleuths however noticed there was an error with Obinna’s  screenshot. On the figure reading as current balance there was space between the decimal point, an error that does not happen in banks.

Netizens took to the comment section telling Obina to work better on his editing skills next time.

“Shida tu ni hapo kwa editing lakini pesa iko sawa” Dr. Ofweneke wrote

“Kwa current balance after decimal wameongeza space kubwa sana” YY noted.

“Banks cannot make errors placing means alot.hapo editor ajakufanyia poa🤣” wrote Mulei Januaries.





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