Kelvin Karanja Kinuthia Alias Kinuthia was faced with a rather contentious question after a fan inquired about her sexual orientation and her gender identity.

The fan who posed the question on his Instagram wanted to know if he was gay due to his display of   crossdressing skits which he usually posts on TikTok.

“Are You Gay ” the Fan asked to which he responded with a cryptic playful message that seemed to suggest that he had sailed the waters of being asked such questions.

“Huyu bado anauliza heeh, Huyu nikama nikama ako enzi za early man” he answered.

Another fan also asked that if he was intersex or if she was just crossdressing for her brand. He responded with a question where she laughed off by asking what intersex meant.

“Are you an intersex or just dress that way for the brand” A fan asked. “Sasa intersex ndio nini” he answered.

It’s not the first time Kenyans asked if Kinuthia was gay these questions have long been asked since the renown TikToker was thrust into fame in 2021. She gained popularity when she was allegedly accused of swindling a man Ksh 344,000 which was supposed to be fare after pretending to be a woman.

Last Year the 22-year old maintained that he is a man. In an interview with Mungai eve she said that the act of looking like a female was all for entertainment and work purposes. He claimed that he had not refused  his gender as a male, however he made it clear she will not stop posting her crossdressing videos as a woman.

He further admitted that posing as a woman had gotten him opportunities to advertise clothing and make up for women. He also confessed she has plans to have a family in the near future.


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