Kenyans are slowly turning to other alternative choices to cushion themselves  as the Sugar Prices in the country keep on escalating.

A number of Kenyan families have turned to jaggery popularly known as ‘Sukari Nguru’as an alternative to sweeten their tea and other drinks that need sweeteners .

Jaggery is a natural sweetener made from sugarcane juice. It is commonly found in areas that have sugar manufacturing industries as it comes out as a by product in the manufacturing process.

The country has for the last couple of months experienced a rise in selling of natural honey as other Kenyans are embracing their new sweetener.

As other families opt for the jaggery and honey, a section of other Kenyans have completely removed sugar from their house hold list as it is unaffordable to them.

Kenyans are also expected to dig deeper into their pockets as the Sugar Prices are set to increase even more due to the recent implementation of the controversial Finance act 2023. The court of appeal lifted the ban that had temporarily stopping government from implementing the Finance act.

A kilo of  sugar currently retailing at a price of between 220 shillings to 260 shillings.

Kenyans are now forced to take the hard pill of having to cut off some of their expenditures in order to fit in the inflating economy.

Benefits of Jaggery Include

  •  Prevents anaemia and boost a hemoglobin
  • Jaggery provides instant energy to the body.
  • Jaggery is a good source of antioxidants. Antioxidants protect cells from damage and in so doing boost resistance against infections, strengthening immunity. Antioxidants lower the risk of certain diseases including cancer.
  • Jaggery has a digestive stimulant property that helps improve digestion and appetite. It converts into acetic acid in the stomach which can help in rectifying enzymatic activity, digestion, and appetite.


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