YouTuber I am Marwa, whose real name is Marwa Njoka, took to social media to address allegations of being involved with the secret organization, Freemason.

Responding to the allegations with a sense of humor, the YouTuber clarified his stance and emphasized his belief in God, while also calling for a more welcoming attitude toward success.

“People in my village are saying we are in Freemasonry, lol, they say all YouTubers in my village have joined, and I am their leader. I believe in God, and I am not a Mason. I have nothing against them,” he declared, emphasizing his commitment to his beliefs and the pursuit of success through hard work and dedication.

Marwa’s message went beyond clarifying his own position. He also urged the importance of embracing success and countering ignorance.

He noted that the rumours had become so serious that the local area chief had convened a meeting two weeks ago to address them. In light of these developments, Marwa called for a more inclusive and supportive attitude toward those who aspire to better their lives.

“Tell these people to welcome success,” Marwa implored. “Poverty is not for God, and riches are not for the devil.” His words underscored the need to celebrate individuals who strive for personal and community betterment, rather than making baseless accusations.

Marwa’s open and transparent response to the rumors reflects his dedication to maintaining a positive image and ensuring that his values align with his online presence. As he continues to inspire his audience with travel vlogs and motivational content, he remains steadfast in his commitment to success through honorable means, emphasizing that his faith in God guides his path.

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