Eric Omondi  has once again brushed off conversations surrounding the paternity of his alleged child with former Citizen tv journalist Jacque Maribe.

During an interview with Oga Obinna the comedian cum activist stated that one day he will tell his truth regarding the alleged child. This was after Obinna re told him of the allegations from Jacque Maribe

”One day I will tell the truth in terms of deadbeat” Eric Omondi replied.

Eric Omondi who was put in a tough space by Obinna however had some father figure advice to give.

You know kids are a blessing whether they are yours or not  once a kid knows you as their dad the best thing you can do is raise them” He added.

”Huyo mtoi anfana na wewe Eric Hata Maskio” Obinna Told Eric Omondi



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When asked if he really was a deadbeat father the comedian dogged stating that he 2wouldnt talk much on the matter since it was still in court and he had been warned earlier about it. “I can not talk about that story because I will be taken to court but one day I will say my truth in terms of deadbeat. Right now I have been given orders.”

Fans also had their piece about Obinna and Eric Omondi’s interview:

”Eric keeps denying this child of Maribe, if I were him I wld take 100% responsibility of that kid be it biological or imposed ukona pesa give that child love

1 Tim 5:8,” If anyone fails to provide for their own, that person has denied faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”

I love that brother hood conversation and that parental openness 👏👏”

The two who had earlier met in 2012 at Radio Africa Group where they worked together, allegedly have a son together but it is unclear if Eric Omondi is the biological father of the child.

A while back, the former news anchor Jacque Maribe issued a strong warning to ex-partner and baby daddy comedian Eric Omondi and called him out to be a deadbeat father explaining that he does not even know where his son lives or schools.


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