Tanzanian artists Diamond Platnumz and Juma Jux nearly suffocated to death after being stuck in a lift.

The artists were in the company of a video Director Fole X as well as their security personnel. It’s however not clear how long they were stuck in the lift.

In a video that was shared on Diamond’s Instagram account, the crew could be heard complaining of excessive heat.  They were also left in darkness after a while.

“Siku ya leo mimi, Juma Jux na wenzetu kadhaa tumenusurika kifo kwenye lifti,” Diamond captioned the video.

He went ahead to call upon those with storey buildings to maintain their properties to avoid a similar occurrence in future.

“Ndugu zangu wenye majengo marefu yenye kutumia lifti tujitahidi kuzifanyia services hizi lifti zetu ili kuepusha madhara,” he added.


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The crew could not hide their excitement after they were finally let out of the lift.

Juma Jux also spoke about the horrifying incident acknowledging Baba Levo for helping them to come out of the lift

“Jamani kifo kisikeni tu ila official baba levo umetupambania sana,” Juma Jux shared on the other hand.

The video however drew mixed reactions from fans with some feeling sorry for their encounter as others suggested that they were also too many in the lift. Others were grateful that they were able to make out of it alive.

“Kifo kipo popote wakati wowote kwa mtu yeyote.”

“Poleni sana ila Baba Levo kanichekesha, upendo kwa boss wake.”|

“Karibu kiwarambe jamani”

‘Bodyguards wanajuta kufanya kazi na kufwatafwata watu.”

“Jamani kitu cha kwanza ni kusoma lifti inachukua kilo ngapi, labda watu walikuwa wengi”



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