Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz has dispelled claims of rekindling his love with his baby mama Zari Hassan.

Speaking to Ugandan media ahead of a charity event that he is set to headline together with Nameless, the artist said that there is nothing going on between him and Zari. He added that they are just co-parenting in a professional way so as not to stress their children.

Diamond however noted that his children are not aware that they separated.

“Me and her are just co-parenting and we respect each other. As you know everybody has a partner, so there’s nothing going on. I think we try to be more modern, urban but we don’t want to entertain negativity when it comes to our kids. We try to make it more professional. That’s why when you see our kids around us, they are more comfortable. We don’t want to stress our kids. Sometimes we don’t even want to show them, especially for me, I don’t even show my kids if I’m dating or something. They think I’m still dating their mother,” he said.

The Bongo singer added that he doesn’t want his children to experience what he went through as a child.

“Seeing my mother without seeing my dad together was a little bit stressful to me. Of course life has to go on, everybody has to do her or his stuff but then when it comes to the kids, we always come together to ensure that the kids are safe,” Diamond said.

Each of the two has since move on from their relationship and Zari got married to her lover in April this year.

At the same time, Diamond urged women who are interested in him to shot their shot. According to him, he is a Muslim and is entitled to four wives but currently he has none.

“I am a Muslim, I am allowed to have four wives but I don’t even have one wife, there is a lot of chances so it’s up to you ladies,” Diamond said.


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