The  Pokot community seems to be preparing for the much-awaited visit from King Charles differently.

Elders from the community have now emerged claiming 10 trillion Kenyan shillings as compensation for the brutality and injustices committed to them and their forefathers during the colonial period.

The group led by former mayor,  Christopher Lonyala said that justice delayed is justice denied arguing that it was time for the community to be paid its dues.

The elders claim that the colonializers mistreated and oppressed the community resulting in death  and disruption of normal family life since others were forced to relocate to neighbouring countries like Uganda as refugees.

The nomad community also accused the British government of raiding their cattle in 1920 during the colonial era.

“watu karibu elfu mbili waliuwawa, wengine wakafungwa, wengine wakafungwa maisha, wengine wakatorokea Uganda, na ng’ombe karibu elfu kumi wakachukuliwa. Kwa hivyo hiyo ndo ilikua historical incident kwa Kenya Colony tangu waanze 1920.” Lonyala said.

The ex-mayor further raised concerns on the issue of boundary conflicts in the neighboring communities like Pokot, Turkana, and Marakwet.

Lonyala proposed for a university to be built in Pokot in honor of the fallen brave soldiers killed by the British Government during the colonization era.

“mimi napongeza president kwa usiku na mchana kulia Samoei, mpaka ata kueka university, na sisi pia upande hii tunalia look us. Ambaye tunataka ata mahali waliuwawa hawa watu ata university fulani ijengwa, ili wakumbuke hao watu.”Lonyala suggested.

Other Kenyans have also reacted to the anticipated visit from the King with most of them expressing disregard for the whole event.

Netizens have also highly criticized the mistreatment of Kenyans during the colonial period stating that as a nation we should not forget the inhumane acts perpetrated on our forefathers while others have lauded the majesties for choosing Kenya as their first commonwealth country to visit since coronation.

“As King Charles III visits Kenya, let’s remember how they treated our forefathers. They suffered at the hands of the British colonial rulers. Order the book here”

“Kenya is honored that King Charles III and Queen Camilla have chosen our country for their first visit to a Commonwealth Nation” netizens commented.




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