karen nyamu

Karen Nyamu deliberately posted a photo of  herself on Facebook in  which she wore a Mini-dress that captioned she intentionally exposed her legs as a way of facing her short comings head on.

She revealed that the outfit was bought by her sweetheart Mugithi singer Samidoh when he had travelled to Nyeri. After waiting for him to come home after 2 days she  decided she would join him in the venture but she had only packed casual wear so the twosome decided to traverse Nyeri town to get an appropriate dressing for a funeral which they were going to attend the following day.

” Hii nguo nilibuyiwa na mpoa wangu 2020, alikua amekaa nyeri 2 days nikaona amekaa sana nikaenda usiku lol. Alikua aende mazishi next day and since i had packed only casual looks, asubuhi tukazunguka nyeri town tukitafuta dress presentable,” she wrote.

After her revelation a fan in the comment section ruthlessly fired at her. “Miguu nayo ni toothpick” Anita Ann wrote.

Another fan incandescently came to her defence after Nyamu was made fun of by in a series of posts of shaming her body.

“I don’t expose anyone I said that so it can be a lesson for you to know how it feels being trolled negatively’ the fan countered the shaming comment.

Karen Nyamu noticed the altercation and quickly came in to defend herself claiming that she did not have any lingering self hate on her body  that may cause her to be bogged down by the condescending comment.

“Ndiritu wa Githui hehehe woishe pls rest I can’t be body shamed. I love my legs that’s why I am always in short clothes,” Karen Nyamu wrote.




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