Kakamega County is currently facing a ideological turmoil following the recent proposal of establishing office of the spouse of the governor of Kakamega county government wife.

Governor Fernandes Barasa’s motion to have the office established has divide the county assembly and also gotten stiff opposition from local leaders and the wananchi of Kakamega County with many arguing of  potential economic burden.

High court lawyer  Kennedy Echesa Walubengu is among the individuals who have opposed the bill and his defense claims that the office’s motive is only for the governor’s personal interest.

“Should this Bill be signed into law, public funds will be committed contrary to the constitutional provisions o f the Public Finance Act, but the creation of the office is in no way necessary because the absence of the office would not result in the non-functioning of the Kakamega County,”lawyer Walubenge said.

Additionally he argued, the governor and County Public Service Board are capricious, irrational and contradicts the Constitution n noting that the proposed duties of the spouse of the governor are already being done by the governor.

Among politicians in Kakamega who are fighting the bill is Kakamega women representative Elsie Muhanda and Senator Bonny Khalwale who described the bill as unconstitutional.

“The money coming to Kakamega is meant for all the people of this county and not for a few individuals in the executive. The county health department is already facing a crisis. Ambulances bought in the first phase of devolution are nowhere to be found in Kakamega. Why can’t the governor revive quality healthcare before he thinks of keeping his wife happy?”, Muhanda  questioned the bill.

Senator Khalwale has already filed a motion in the Senate seeking an opinion from the standing committee on Devolution and Inter-Governmental relations, stating the county’s move of creating a Governor Spouse Bill and putting it in law.

The move is in total contravention of the Constitution, the County Government Act and legal advice from the attorney General,” said Dr. Khalwale.

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