Mambo Imechemka hitmaker KRG The Don has broken silence regarding the viral video that captured him interacting ‘inappropriately’ with Diana Marua before her husband, Kevin Bahati.

Speaking to Nairobi News, KRG said that he is very close with The Bahati’s. According to him, there was nothing wrong with their interaction  since they were behaving just like any other person would have upon meeting their close friends.

“I am very close to the family. I am the godfather of their daughter, Heaven. We are very tight, and we vibe like brothers and sisters. When you meet your brother, do you touch them? You hug and sing together,” he said.

KRG and Diana set tongues wagging while partying at an unidentified club. Diana was comfortably wrapping her hand around KRGs neck. KRG was also captured whispering to her multiple times. Bahati however seemed unbothered by the scenes that were unfolding before him.

Netizens called out KRG and Diana for their behaviour as others warned Bahati.

If Bahati trips a little bit and he loses the bag becoming bankrupt, that war veteran he mistakes for a wife will dump him very early in the morning (esp 3am) the same day.”

Have you seen how some men behave around wealthy men?  Well, look at how Bahati submissively donated his wife to KRG the Don, as he himself became a third wheel.”

“Bahati haoni hii imeenda already haha. The chemistry is giving.”


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