Frida Kajala’s daughter Paula says that her marriage will last amid claims that her recent traditional wedding was fake.

Speaking to Shughuli zetu , Paula however told off the naysayers saying that she will stay in the marriage . She also  said that she will not reveal her husband’s face or identity to the public any time soon.

“I will last in my marriage. My husband is inside. I don’t know why people want to see him but I don’t want him to be seen or known,” the 20-year old said.

She added that her mother has advised her to love her husband and be a good wife.

Paula spoke during an event that was organized by her mother to officially bid her goodbye. She invited friends and family to the event that was held at her home.

“Nakupenda sana mwanangu❤️ @therealpaulahkajalaLeo nimeamua nikuandalie chai uende kwa mume wako salama Ndugu,jamaa na marafiki nawakaribisha sana kwenye chai leo nyumbani kwangu ambapo nitakua namuaga pia mtoto wangu Kuanzia saa kumi na moja jioni,” Kajala said on Instagram on Monday.

Many however believe that Paula, her mother and all the parties involved in the alleged wedding were just chasing clout to promote an upcoming project.

Some of the big names that showed up for the wedding which went down last week include singer Ommy Dimpoz and rapper Mwana FA.

Mwana FA(far left), Ommy Dimpoz (center) and other guests believed to have attended Paula’s wedding. Photo|Instagram|OmmyDimpoz



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