Thee Pluto

Youtuber Robert Ndegwa Kamau, popularly known as Thee Pluto has been forced to publicize his YouTube earnings.

This is after it was claimed that he was quitting YouTube to fully embrace Forex and trading because the video App is not  paying him well.

He also shared the earnings to dispel claims that he was a scammer. According to him, being branded a scammer saw him lose several endorsement deals.

“It is not my wish to share a screenshot of my YouTube earnings today having in mind that I am also a businessman  and I do a lot of things. Few months ago I have been branded a scammer people questioning my wealth. I almost lost all brand endorsements because of a simple lie. I thank God I invested,” the father of two said.

Thee Pluto further said that he decided to make public his earnings because his time on social media is almost coming to an end.

“Let’s enjoy the few months left. Kamati ya roho chafu I have proven you wrong. That wasn’t my intention though,” he said.

The YouTuber asked netizens to always ask questions instead of jumping into conclusions.

Thee Pluto
Screenshot of Thee Pluto’s Insta story.


The 23-year old has in the recent times been engaging with forex and trading. Another of his followers alluded that he was going broke hence the decision.

“You getting broke and decided to get help from Forex experts,” the Instagram user said.

Responding to that he said he only said, “Waah people overthink though.”





  • Sammie kioko2


    Esh! Let’s give people enough time to enjoy what they have worked for, @ thee Pluto whoever barks about you is always below you 😎😎😎😎😎

  • Vivian Abong'o


    Kila mtu akondeshwe na yake tafadhali🙏🏻… online grandparents are out there to miss quote and miss judge our young upcoming celebrities… may they leave thee pluto alone🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 i beg

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