William Kabogo the former city boss, Kiambu county has today expressed his stand on Kenyan politics.

Speaking in an interview, the politician spoke on the one man one vote that was pioneered by the former president.

Kabogo started off  the interview with a disclaimer stating that it would be his first time to talk about M.t Kenya unity.

He continued to argue that it should not only be about M.t Kenya but Kenya as whole  and that one man one vote notion should be implemented adding that that there should be no taxation without representation.

“ one man one vote is necessary, its not about M.t Kenya persons, its about Kenya, representation, no taxation without representation. That is the first thing about the job of an M.P it is to go there and represent you as you are taxed.”

The  seasoned politician further added that there should be equality among all counties. He explained that the densely populated areas and the marginalized regions  should receive more funding from the government.

Drawing his example from  a hospital, kabogo said that the more the hospital has many patients, the more it requires more medicine and likewise, that should apply to the government for there is no equity in how the government currently distribute funds.

“when you give a budget to Garissa 150 million to health and 150 million to kiambu what is that?”

Kabogo then summed up his interview with reccommendations that Kiambu County should be split since it is packed with many constituencies yet, they receive the similar funding from the gorvernment .

His interview comes days after Kenyans compared Kabogo’s receeding hairline to that of former President Mwai Kibaki.

Reacting to the online comparisons, Kabogo hilariously stated that it was Kibaki who looked like him and not the other way round.

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