Bandits attacked the Kapindasum General Service Unit (GSU) primary school in Baringo South today.

The group of two hundred armed bandits engaged the police in a seven hour gun battle from 9Am to 4Pm in the evening haulting all activity in the area

The GSU were abruptly attacked meaning the bandits had the upper hand and almost overpowered the trained personnel.

“walipigana tangu saa tatu na nusu hadi saa kumi, sahii sisi hatujatoka nje ata hatujalala mchana yote mpaka watoto wamekosa kukula.” a resident explained.

The bandits ambushed the service men in their camp and did it in shifts while the GSU  retreated to the school  nearby to ask forback up.

The notorious bandits further caused havoc by blocking the all the roads leading to the camp.

According to an eye witness, the attackers also  closed roads leading to rivers and hospitals in the area.

“ walipopatana na majangiri, wakawapiga askari, askari walipigana hadi mwisho na wakashindwa nguvu. Wakawakujia hadi shule. Kuitisha reinforcement, hao wakora wakafunga kwa GSU, wakafunga pale kwa mto na kwa GSU kuingia kupitia kwa hospitali.” a resident said

The Police head  confirmed the attack stating that the bandits arrived in shifts and ambushed the officers.

This horrific  incident comes barely three week after bandits attacked Kapindasum Primary school as pupils were heading for lunch.

The school  had reopened this year after being closed in 2019 due to similar attacks.

Concern now shifts to candidates as fear intensifyies that they might miss their national examinations which are just around the corner.

The Cabinet Secretay Kithure Kindiki is yet to speak on the attack.

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