Langa’ta MP Phelix Odiwour alias Jalang’o will no longer be taking legal action against Citizen Weekly for publishing a defamatory article about him along with Tranz Nzoia senator Allan Chesang and Nyaribari chache Mp Zaheer Jhanda.

During an interview with online media, the former comedian said he has changed his mind, because the newspaper is known for publishing false information about high profile individuals.

“I woke up and found myself in that paper. It is unfortunate that we have rogue media. We were planning to sue, but I have been advised that those papers thrive on such news. I have realized they have written negative stories about everyone. It is not true, and for us, we conduct clean business and work hard.,I don’t even know where the story came from. When you read the story, you know there is no substance. It is clickbait. My name is clean,” Jalang’o said.

Jalang’o and his colleagues issued blogger Cyprian Nyakundi and the newspaper demand letters following allegations that they were involved in a Kshs1 billion fake gold scam.

In his earlier statement, the Lang’ata MP vowed to teach the publication a lesson.

“Rogue media must be dealt with! After the steps I want to take against Citizen weekly I don’t think they will ever sit down and write a defamatory story on anyone again,”he posted.

Nyakundi later revealed that he had been issued with  demand letters from the three politicians. The blogger however expressed that he was not afraid to head to court.

“It is good that Jalas, Zaheer and Jesang want to go to court. Its essential for Kenyans to probe into their wealth sources. Many of us are eager to learn how they have amassed their money,even money counting videos. My lawyer, Donald kipkorir will be handling these matters” Captioned the controversial blogger.

He has since issued his responses to them saying that their suits don’t have legal and factual basis.

The gold scam in question involves one Tunisian businessman who was on the verge of losing his money in the fake transaction.

At the center of this saga is a house owned by a business man within the famous Garden Estate. It is within those posh walls that the Tunisian allegedly  met with the fraudsters. In the same walls the Directorate of Criminal investigations(DCI)  found fake gold and counterfeit dollar notes things termed as the basis of their illegal business.

This is not the first time Zaheer Jhanda one of the politicians in question  is accused of scamming people. He was at the center of yet another scamming scandal that involved Sh1billion gold in 2019.



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