Dancehall gospel artist Jabidii has given an account of his childhood struggles and he’s journey into the realm  of Kenyan Gospel Music in an interview with Oga Obinna

The Makofi hitmaker was born and raised in Kibera  and his passion for music developed when he was still in primary school. According to him, he used to listen to reggae and  hip hop songs which have since inspired the type of music he does.

Jabidii rose to popularity after dropping his hit song shoot satan. The gospel singer revealed that he almost he gave up on gospel music and almost lost faith in God because gospel music was not paying his bills.

“Turning point yangu imagine…Song yangu ya kwanza kurecord ilikuwa 2006  alafu 2017, 11 years later sasa ndio God akaleta hio break through. Time naanza kugive up , 2016 nilifanya shoot satan nikaperform Grove 31st kuamkia 2017. 2017 January vitu zikaenda mrama, sa hio matha ameniona hadi nikiperform kwa tv hadi Jimmy Gait amenitafuta tufanye remix, tulifanya though haikumanage kutoka ikifika mwezi wa tatu nyumba imefungwa sa hi shoot satan ni biggie inatrend

At the time, he had quit his shoe selling job to pursue music.

“2015 ikiisha nilisema God mi nakupatia hii one year hio time nikitafutajna na watu wa school mission nipige mission nitafutane na akina nani.

After  releasing his alluring hit Odi dance which he collaborated with choreographer cum emcee  Timeless Noel he disclosed on how he was still unable to earn from the song which had become an internet craze by then.

” I was still on the streets doing menial jobs earning very little money which was spent on food, at this time i was still had rent arrears despite my song  being on the airwaves and being played everywhere around the country” he said

“Vimbada” his next sensation became his big break after Moji shortibaba decided to feature in the song. He recounted this breakthrough as a stepping stone to catapult his authentic style of rap in gospel.



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