Mike sonko has expressed his pride and happiness towards one of his adopted sons through a sweet birthday message.

Sonko is celebrating the birthday of his son Gift Osinya who was rescued during an Al Shabaab church attack at Likoni in 2014.

The ex-Nairobi governor has showered praises to Gift who he terms as a brave young man who defied all odds despite having gon through traumatic times.

”Gift Osinya you are a gift of blessing as part of our family, may you be gifted with life’s biggest joy. Today is again a moment of great joy and a big milestone for us as a family to celebrate your 22nd birthday. I pray that the God of Daniel, Meshack and Abednego who saved your life, and that of your younger brother, walks with you at all times”

Through the tweet Sonko once again highlighted the backlashes and critics he received from a section of Kenyans who never believed that his intentions to take in Gift and his baby brother after the brutal murder of their mother was true.

“However, ten years ago a big number of my critics thought I was just playing PR with you and your younger brother Baby Satrin whom you rescued from a hail of bullets from the alshabaab.” tweeted.



Gift who is now a second year student at the Scott`s Christian University rescued his baby brother Satrine Osinya from the remains of their deceased mother.

He attained 399 marks in primary school and secured a place at Lenana school where he attained  B- his KCSE.

As he turns 22yrs old his dad Mike Sonko is celebrating him for showing consistent bravery and being a source of inspiration to his family and many other Kenyans.

“Gift just as your name suggests you have been a blessing to us.Your presence has brought life`s biggest joys and we are truly fortunate to have you in our family.”

“Thank you for being a wonderful son and an inspiration to us all.Celebrate this day knowing you are loved ,cherished and celebrated. Happy Birthday!”




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