Otile Brown

Otile Brown and his unknown woman have lost their unborn child.

The artist informed his fans of the sad news through Insta stories saying that this year is no longer his favorite.

“It’s all good, God you know I never ask or question you. All I do is smile and stay positive. Our baby didn’t make it, I guess it’s not my favorite year no more,” the artist revealed.

He has also removed all posts from his Instagram account.

This however comes just days after he announced that he will soon be a father. Otile Brown was very excited about that but at the same time scared.

“Bizee is going to be a papa 👶 😍 inshallah, I’ma love you hard kido #inshallah” HE shared on Instagram.

Following the announcement, netizens believed that his Ethiopian girlfriend, Nabayet, was the one carrying his pregnancy.

Otile Brown
Otile Brown and Nabayet.


Without chills, some proceeded to her Instagram account to congratulate and wish her all the best.

“Congratulations new mom, we know,” “I hope you are the one carrying OB’s child, we online in law don’t want a heartbreak,” some of the comments on her Instagram post read.

In her response, Nabayet insinuated that she is not the one pregnant for Otile Brown,

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