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Popular Kenyan artist Otile Brown has addressed claims that his game in the music industry has gone down.

Taking to his Insta stories, the award winning artist revealed that he has been receiving a lot of DMs about him underperforming.

Otile however noted that those who were raising such concerns are not his ideal fans

“I have been seeing some of you guy’s DMs and you as a fan why should you mention to me about trending. I already know that you are not the type of fanbase that I have been working hard for and praying for coz anything can trend. If you are a fan you have to see numbers for you to mess with the song numbers then we are not forming, if we gonna trend we gonna trend for some serious content just like we’ve been doing,” the artists said in a video he recorded.

Otile Brown added that he is not going to lose himself just to prove that he has numbers

“We are not going to lose ourselves juts to get numbers or just to show we got numbers coz not all numbers mean money, not all numbers mean that you have impacted the game in one way or another.,” he said.

To those criticizing his new style of music Otile said that doing the same thing over the years is boring. According to him, pure Swahili songs are also not appreciated as much.

“Some of you are like, the problem is you changed,  am like you wanted me to remain the same isn’t that boring? aren’t we supposed to move forward and not move backwards? Why are are you so obsessed with Swahili that you don’t want me to do anything else? I have proven that already, my capability, I am one of the best Swahili writers in the game why don’t you want me to show you some other stuff too. I think you should be proud your artist is all round that’s why I am telling you its all politics coz 90% of time pure Swahili songs don’t even be appreciated as much.

“My store is packed, I have a lot to offer, imejaa hadi pomoni inamwagika, I have a lot of songs that I am even not sure if you guys are ready to listen to,” he further said.


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