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YouTuber Thee Pluto has broken his silence after prankster Nick Big fish claimed that his Loyalty Tests are not real.

Nick Big fish told Andrew Kibe recently that the tests are not real therefore making the couples in the show actors.

“Its not real. You have also stayed in Nairobi. Tell me which streets do this couples pass? I started pranks a long time ago 2009 was our first show  at K24,” he said.

Nick big fish


During an interaction with fans, Thee Pluto however said he had no time to respond to Nick Big fish while referring to him as a small boy.

“Leave those tusmall boys tuendelee kuclout chase. Sina time ya kuwajibu niko busy  na familia,” he said.

The chief relationship sanitiser further told those who think his show is scripted to avoid watching it.

“Kutoka kitambo mlilia script script script. Ikikuuma juu unaona script zima TV ukojoe ulale. Si ukishinda ukiita mikutano ya plot . Bomboclat but I respect all my fans. Much love,” Thee Pluto said.

Most fans wanted him to bring the show back, because it has been long since he dropped an episode. He gave in to their demands saying that he was not going to fail his fans again. The content creator added that he will even use cousins if he fails to get couples.

“Decided. Loyalty test I am coming back. We do it the old way too. Campus to campus, street to street. Those who want to pull the show down remember it was the most watched in 2022 and now I am teaming up with my brothers and sisters in that field. Its gonna be huge. Wenye wako na shida endeni kwa sub-chief juu hata chief ni fan. Kujeni na theories za kuprove nonsense. We don’t give a f**ck. The same way politics has no morals so does social media,” Thee Pluto said.

Thee Pluto
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