Singer KRG The Don has weighed in on the depression matter that is currently affecting YouTuber Thee Pluto.

During an interaction with YouTube content creators, KRG was asked how he can help Thee Pluto and he said that he can’t help him since he already has enough matters on his plate. He however noted that depression is caused by thinking about existent things.

“Thee Pluto is not my friend. I think I have only seen him once during Mungai Eve’s birthday. I don’t know what it is and I can’t also help the whole world. I have my life, my family and many things to do. Depression is just a state of mind it is not like a flu that has medicine. It is when you got in to a matter that is disturbing your mind. You pressurise yourself thinking about a lot of things and planning things that are not moving. It is like you plant maize now and want to reap tomorrow,” he said.

“What gives people depression is expecting a lot when you have done so little or when you don’t know how things are happening in society and you want to be part of it and you don’t have the solution of the big part. Take your baby steps, accept that life is not how you want it to be,” he further advised.

Over the weekend, Thee Pluto revealed that he was depressed and urged his fans to pray for him.

“Honestly I’m losing it. Depression is eating me slowly from inside. Pray for me,” Thee Pluto said on Instagram.



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