Hardly a week after reconsidering the purpose of her being in relationship Kibera’ s finest socialite Manzi Wa Kibera is a sad woman.

33 year old Manzi wa Kibera uploaded a video of herself having a good time with her 66year old on her Instagram page which has about 80.6 k followers lamenting on how she misses the old man.


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Despite her followers wanting to sympathize with her, they had no chance of consoling her since she has disabled the comment feature on her page.

Few days before her break up Manzi Wa Kibera had revealed that her wedding plans were on going and she would soon be Samuel’s wife.

“My wedding is soon,“My husband took me to look for a wedding dress” she captioned on a video in which they were  sampling wedding dresses.

However ,her relationship has been a lot critics especially due to the age difference.

“Mi naona ni kama nitaachana na mzae.  Juu sasa hizi trolls zimekuwa mob, matusi imekuwa mob like the bad energy towards me na mzae  kila mtu anaoppose hii mapenzi mpaka. Nikienda kusoma comments ni matusi left right and center mpaka watu wenye nawajua….Honestly nafeel hii mapenzi yangu na mzae nataka kupull out kwa hii mapenzi niachane nayo juu mi hakuna kitu inanisaidia after all, juu kama napendwa na nyi mnakuja kuoppose wacha nikae vile huwa nakuwa,” Manzi wa Kibera said in a TikTok video.

Hoping that her ex gets the message if actually they were in relationship Manzi wa Kibera misses her ex whom and few days she revealed that she truly loves him and not the material bit of him.

“This is love, yaani hii ni mapenzi ya ukweli. Mimi nampenda sio ati hela zake ama nini (This is true love and I love him, not because of his money or something else),” the 33-year old said.


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