62-year-old Anna Nyaboke has proven that  age is nothing to stop you from doing what you desire. The mother of one has been riding a bodaboda for three years.

According to her, she has struggled a lot and nothing can stop her from providing for her family.

Nyaboke was born in Miruka, Nyamira county.  She is the oldest and only female person in the bodaboda industry in  Bonchari Constituency.  Despite people looking down on her due to her age and gender, she still motivates herself to work hard in order to provide for her beloved ones.

She says that she mostly gets critics from females who believe the job is only fit for men. Young people in the bodaboda business have also asked her to retire.

“The challenge I face in bodaboda riding is being insulted that I have grown old. That I don’t deserve to be riding, I should go and be fed by my children. But every job requires patience. Jesus saved me and I decided to be a good Samaritan to motivate the young girls, who are poor and orphans, so that they can join me and make a living even though the wages are so little instead of brewing alcohol,” she said.

The few clients she gets, question her ability to ride a motorcycle.

During Mother’s Day celebration, Anna Nyaboke was appreciated by the Kisii governor’s wife. The governor’s wife honoured Nyaboke by taking a ride on her motorcycle which left the crowd in awe due to the heartwarming act.


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