Kenyan content creator Chebet Ronoh embarked on a recover from addiction and she has been sharing her journey to sobriety on her Instagram Page.

In her latest episode captioned “Are you an alcoholic or a social drinker?”, the former radio presenter revealed that she used to drink so much because she was battling social anxiety.

“Today we are going to talk about the difference between an alcoholic and a social drinker. I came to realise I wasn’t a social drinker at all. I  was dependent on alcohol to feel confident, to feel emotions, to navigate socialism. I recently realised I have social anxiety so reason why I drank so much to cope up with meeting people and talking to people and talking to people and keeping the energy of yeah uuh my God! but now I am just preserving the energy,” she said.

She went ahead to explain the difference between a social drinker and alcoholic saying that that alcoholic has no limits while a social drinker can control their intake.

Chebet further shared some of the things thats have seen her stay on track.

“One, you’ve got to replace the time you are drinking with something else. This is something you have to accept you are dependent on and you can’t be around people drinking and expect not to drink. Two, your environment is very important, who you surround yourself with determines 50% of what you gonna do or see an you need to erode the people in your life who are making you drink.

“You need hobbies, things to do, go out more for example I am hiking. Another thing is reading books,” she explained.

With a deep desire to help others seeking to quit alcohol and drawing from her own experiences and extensive research on alcohol and addiction, Chebet aims to provide support and encouragement through her online platform.

“This series is for people who want to be sober and quit alcohol and also just from my own experiences and research on alcohol and addiction,” Chebet said.

Chebet Ronoh has also revealed that she has already achieved 19 days of sobriety.


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