Former NRG Radio presenter Chebet Ronoh has vowed to never date a sponsor who are popularly known as sugar daddies or wababa.

The decision was influenced by a nasty encounter that she had with one of them. Ronoh took online to narrate the encounter saying its not easy to date the  older men.

“You guys consistently sleep on the girls having sugar daddies and let me tell you, why, it’s not easy, it’s not. It’s not easy to give sugar to a corpse. Now let me tell you why I tried this but I could not kiss him guys. I tried. I did everything and the fact that people stared at me dining with an old man I could not recover,” Ronoh opened up.

“Everyone just looked me dead in the eye and like, ‘This is where you’re at really? This is who you are? I’m just like Oh my God,” she added

According to her, it was difficult to have conversations with the man because of the difficult subjects he brought up.

“And the whole time this man is asking me philosophical questions from like BC, it was like a whole job interview I felt like I was filing out Governmental forms. And the waitress was just looking at me like oh your finances must be in the gutter. I said don’t judge,” Ronoh went on.

The time came  for them to kiss and she could not bear it.

“Anyway the time to give the sugar arrived and honestly it was arrgh,” she said as she demonstrated how the man attempted to kiss her.

“No no no, back up back up. You guys I’m never doing this again,” she noted.


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